JP3Gvault Litepaper

Pooled Funds

$JP3G powers the JP3Gvault ecosystem. It has royalties embedded in the smart contract which equate to Pooled Funds when buying and selling.
It allows for :
  • Constantly funding the ecosystem to keep investing
  • Providing constant exit liquidity for investors who wish to exit partially or completely
Base pooled funds are set to 5% on buying and selling. You need to set your slippage between 6%-6.5% on the DEX in order for your trade to go through.
Holders who commit to JP3Gvault and have behaviors that benefit the ecosystem as a whole can earn reduction of their pooled funds commitment.
There are currently one way holders can see the royalties they pay per transaction reduced :
  • Staking $JPEG
  • More to come 😏
All Pooled Funds go to the community wallet and development wallet.