Mint of the remaining supply

At Launch on Avalanche blockchain. The circulating supply of the JP3G token was 565 000 000 tokens. The maximum total supply will always be 1 000 000 000 tokens. We now have moved to Polygon, but same rules applies.
The remaining supply will be minted as the project moves forward.
The minting of new tokens will always be announced in advance to holders and will fulfil 3 purpose.
You can find the minting history of new tokens at the end of this page.

1. Launch on other DEX/CEX/Blockchain

In order to launch on other DEX/CEX or Blockchain, if needed, we’ll have to mint tokens to add them in liquidity.
If we decide to launch on a new blockchain, the total supply across all blokchains will never exceed 1 Billion.
Exemple: If we have 700M Tokens already minted on Avalanche and we decide to move to another chain like Ethereum, we’ll never have 1 Billion on Avalanche + 1 Billion on Ethereum. It’d be 700M on Avalanche and 300M on Ethereum. Of course, those numbers are just here to illustrate the example and do not reflect the reality.

2. Staking rewards

Staking rewards are paid in JP3G. Since the beginning, we wanted to rewards early investors by giving them the opportunity to gain more JPEG by staking.
This means we need to have JP3G to distribute rewards among the holders.
It can lead us to mint more JP3G to keep the rewards going.
As the project moves forward, the amount of JP3G distributed in the rewards will decrease but the $ amount should increase with price.
Example: assume that in order to distribute 60k$ we need 30M JP3G, as the JP3G price rises, we can lower the number of JPEG but keep a 60k$ distribution since the price per token will go up.
For the sustainability of the project, we’ll have to lower the number of JP3G distributed over time.

3. Team

As previously mentionned in our Tokenomics, 5% of the supply is reserved for the Team. It'll be minted slowly has the project moves forward and only if needed. Pooled funds and OTC deals are allowing the project to get back some tokens in treasury without the need of minting.
If a minting occurs for this purpose, it'll be notified in the minting events history below.
Note that if our token pooled fund is providing enough JP3G for any of the purpose mentionned above, we’ll use that instead of minting new tokens.
Minting events history: