JP3Gvault Ambassadors

One of our core missions is to create jobs in this new economy. Here are a few ways you can start getting paid today
We’ve built a system allowing anyone to become a sales person or marketer for JP3Gvault. When you bring investors, you get paid for life.
There are 3 roles that can be achieved :
  • Ambassadors :
Ambassadors receive their custom link through which they can invite new investors and get paid for life.
They will receive a % of all trades their friends take, for life.
Current rates :
  • Buys : 1% of all buys (10% of the pooled fund generated)
  • Sells : 0.5% of all sells (5% of the pooled fund generated)
How to become an Ambassador : To become an ambassador, join our Discord and ask a team member, Keeper or Council member.
  • Keepers :
On top of ambassador privileges, Keepers will also be able to name new ambassadors.
They will receive a 10% of all revenue their ambassadors make, for life.
How to become a Keeper : To become a Keeper, you must prove yourself in your understanding and respect of JP3Gvault’s value as an ambassador.
  • Council :
Council members are the highest role anyone can have in the JP3Gvault ecosystem, only those who have proved an outstanding dedication to JP3Gvault will receive it.
Amongst other things, Council members will make 10% of all Keepers and Ambassadors they sign up.